15 Niche Marketing Myths Leading You To The Poor House

As with all of the articles these guys produce this is an excellent read. If you follow this commonsense advice and stop chasing after the shiny objects that are common place within internet marketing circles you will go along way towards succeeding in this game…

Within this post you will find live examples (websites revealed) of people succeeding in various niches and some great niche ideas you can use for yourself.

For example have you heard of the steampunk niche? I haven’t before today either and you can learn a lot more about this niche from a link withing this article as well.

Grab a pen and notebook and enjoy the following resource…


Can I be blunt with you? Like most wannabe marketers you’re lazy, procrastinate on everything and take little action on the knowledge you already have. You believe in every myth that helps you make excuses and justify your inaction. But while you’re holding on to your false beliefs about affiliate and niche marketing, countless newbies […] The post appeared first on NicheHacks. 15 Bullshit Myths Broke Wannabe Niche Marketers Like You Believe

thumbnail courtesy of nichehacks.com


There are a few examples of niche sites selling well on flippa.com as well. If people are willing to buy them perhaps we should be willing to create them.

Plenty of niche marketing ideas mixed with motivation, inspiration and a heavy dose of reality!




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