My name is Allan Wilson, and I am the founder of Top 10 Resell, a place to find master resell rights that never grow old… 


My purpose is to provide you with a true learn as you earn resale rights experience.


The key features of my products are:

  1. They all contain the top 10 master resell rights for that topic

  2. They will never grow old. When a better product is released it is added the package and the weaker product removed. Maintaining the best 10 products currently available.

  3. They all have my special 10 X 10 training resource. 10 links all directing you to a compilation of the 10 best training resources for that topic. (Mostly free training guides). So that’s 100 training resources for every package topic.

  4. Each package has a 4 page PDF  that acts like a mobile download center. Each PDF contains the download links for the 10 products and the 10 links to the training guides. All products inside the package are downloaded from my server saving you time and money. Of course you can also download each product and sell them separately as well.

  5. All you have to do is edit the order link on the ready to go sales page, edit the download link on the ready to go download page, and distribute just the one ready to go zip file.


As much as the products contained in each package will give you a great opportunity to earn an income online by far the most important part of every package is the training resource I provide. If you allow yourself some time for learning this business you will find some amazing advice, case studies and how to guides in this section.

About me:

The chances are you don’t know me as I have been ‘out of the game’ for about a decade now. However, way back in the dark ages (no not the middle ages), the real dark internet age. You know… before Facebook, Twitter and Social Media. Back when blogging was thought of as cute little sideshow that would never catch on. Back when video tutorial files were so big it was way too impractical to use them to any great effect, and back when we used to actually create websites with raw html code in notepad. And come to think of it Google wasn’t the only kid in town either…

That’s how long ago I was making money online.

I opened (what I believe to be) the first Master Resell Rights Membership Site. If not first, certainly one of the first. By the way being first to do something makes no difference if someone comes along and does it better. 

Here is a screen shot of the site that opened late 2001/ early 2002 – I found it on waybackmachine.org (I actually had another resell rights membership before this one, but not quite as big)…

reprint rights marketing


Here is my about page from all those years ago. Those little twins are now over 19 years old at the time of writing. How time flies…

About Us

Hello, My name is Allan Wilson and I am pictured here with my wife Michele, our eldest son Samuel and our twin boys Nathan & Benjamin (our miracles from God)…

You are not dealing with a faceless web site, we are proud of our product and even prouder of our support service…

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

When our twins were born we realized things had to change – I had a very demanding job involving long hours and sometimes 7 days a week and we knew that somehow I had to find a way to stay home more to help with the kids, however with the twins, expenses were also going to increase…



You Can Do It Too

So I jumped on the net to look for work at home opportunities (stuffing envelopes, anything)… That’s when I stumbled into internet marketing… I started promoting affiliate programs but quickly realized if I was ever to be successful I had to have my own product – and now I do! The best part about all this is that if you have been struggling to find a product of your own then your frustration is over. YOU can now have your own product also.


I closed down my membership site back in about 2006/7 to move onto other things (which was a mistake in hindsight), but I have always had a passion for resell rights. I was able to work from home for years thanks to this niche.

Around the time I closed my site a company opened a new office in my town and I was asked could I help out for 3 months. Wow… Like being sucked into some giant vortex, 10 years later I’m still there. As a result, all of my online business activities dried up. I have had a few half-hearted attempts to do something here and there. Had some success creating a few sites and sold them off for a few grand but I just wasn’t committed.

I just couldn’t get the resell rights market out of my mind – it’s like my baby!

Even though I have been out of the biz for more than 10 years if you type into Google… Allan Wilson resell rights, or Allan Wilson reprint rights you will still see I am every where. I was interviewed for a quite a few books, created a large amount of ebooks myself and was widely regarded as the go to guy for resell rights.

You will see sites telling you I am a resell rights veteran – man that was 8-10 years ago. What are they going to call me when I shake this industry up again? The resell rights ‘fossil’?

I initially tried to run from the resell rights guru tag but now I have decided to embrace it, and get back to doing what I truly am an expert in. I don’t like blowing my own trumpet and I do come up short in a lot of things in life however when it comes to resell rights I know my stuff!

resell rights expert


But as I determined to get back into the resell rights niche again I became increasingly frustrated by many things. The quality of some products was terrible and no matter whether one product was far superior to another they were both being sold for a few bucks. (Update: Even trying to find 10 decent products for each of the packages hasn’t been an easy undertaking)

So… Once again it seemed the only logical conclusion left for me was to give up on the resell rights business and just move on. But.. what’s logic got to do with it, got to do with it? (Perhaps Tina Turner could sing this for me?)

I just couldn’t let it go, there had to be away to improve the profitability of resell rights products…

After coming up with a few ideas I settled on the site you are reading now. Top 10 resell… I am a very hard worker and you will find new products will be cranked out on a regular basis.

I’m also a very loyal person and reward action takers…

For example if you subscribe to my list I consider that to be a leap of faith by you. Handing over your email address is a transaction that in my mind deserves rewarding. Of course, you get one of my packages for free but I like to go further than that by offering opportunities to get discounts.

When people buy things from me I again offer permanent discounts on future products.

If you are on my list just hit the reply button to any of the emails you receive and ask me questions about the business you are not sure of. I will reply (if I don’t it is a mistake.. it could be I accidentally deleted your email among all the junk I receive). I don’t know everything but I do have plenty of experience and can point you in the right direction.



All the best

Allan Wilson