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My name is Allan Wilson, and I am the founder of Top 10 Resell, a place to find $2 specials on brand new master resell rights products…

Subscribers to my resale rights newsletter get extra perks not found on this website such as free resale rights products and more savings on package deals. Plus, it is the best way to make sure you never miss out on a $2 deal and you are one of the first out there selling the product (you will generate most sales from new products).

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A special $2 deal on a brand new master resale rights product

Here’s where you can save a lot of money purchasing new master resale rights products. Rather than pay a monthly fee to join a membership where you may only use one or two products a month my newsletter is released every time a new product is released (almost daily) and you can decide if it is for you or not. If it is, you only pay $2, if it’s not than you just wait until an alert comes that does contain a product you want.

The special deals are ONLY for products that contain a sales letter. All other new releases that only contain an ebook cover are added as bonuses to the main offer. So you usually get between 2 to 5 products for just $2.

Today’s Hot Selling Internet Marketing Products

Today's internet marketing news

This section will focus on just one of the latest product releases by other marketers. Usually dime sales you get to save money by getting in early and this section of the resale rights newsletter will keep you informed. I prefer to inform you of resale rights or private label rights offers however all Internet marketing related products may feature here.

The Learning Section of The Newsletter

In this section I provide the latest Internet Marketing tips, tutorials, and news from some of the best blogs in the industry. A wide variety of topics are covered from SEO, content creation, social media marketing and much, much more.

All of these resources are free and jammed packed with quality information to enhance your marketing efforts.


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