Benefits of Semantic HTML Tags

This is a great guide that shows you how to use your HTML tags correctly for SEO purposes. Do you know how best to use your H1, H2, H3, etc… tags?

What about the strong tag, emphasis tag, or the mark tag?

There is a also the cite tag, q tag, and the figure tag!

Learn what tags are useless like the B tag (I didn’t know that)…


navigational keyword intentGoogle and Bing love Semantic HTML5, so it is great for SEO! This article provides a simple guide to the essential semantic HTML5 tags that content writers and copywriters should be using. Your competitors probably do not even come close to best practices, so correct use of semantic HTML5 tags in your content will give you the opportunity to be one step ahead in 2018 and beyond. Read on… Semantic HTML5 for Content Writers – The Essential Guide


Here are some videos that show you more about html5 semantic structure…



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