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CB Pirate Shortcut to Making Money Online Fast

In this post I’m going to explain the CB Pirate shortcut to making money online fast. To set up a profitable online selling system you need a number of automated tools, copy-writing skills, technical know how, a ton of time to write everything, a ton of time to set everything up, a ton of patience and finally after months of struggling there is no guarantee all of your hard work will result in one dime coming your way.

While I have time and time again followed the path (it is a proven model that works if you get all correct), I have lost count of the long hours, sleepless nights, frustration from scripts not working or a small mistake I made, follow-up emails that are ineffective at making sales and my worst time consuming nightmare of all – writing sales letters.

If you are familiar with my material you would know I hate writing sales copy and as I have said before I can produce an entire ebook quicker than I can write a sales letter and even than the sales copy sucks compared to what a real copywriter can create. (That’s why they get paid 10’s of thousands of dollars)

So you need to write copy for your sales page, lead magnet page, upsell pages, autoresponders and of course that’s if you have created a product, lead magnet, upsell products and so on. None of this is an easy path…

And than there is the expense. Webhosting, domain names, autoresponders, blog themes, software and scripts all add up to a hefty sum with most of them being a monthly fee.

So I want to introduce you to a shortcut that eliminates all of the work and frustration mentioned above and slashes the expense to something way more affordable. Yes, you can bypass all of the above by taking advantage of a done for your system called CB PIRATE

CB PIRATE (short for Clickbank Pirate) has all of the above time consuming and professional tasks already implemented and proven to make money by promoting Clickbank affiliate products which pay a much higher commission than most other affiliate programs do.

So All You Do is Tap into Their Proven System.

All you have to do is send traffic to squeeze pages… this is a professionally designed page that asks your visitor for an email address in exchange for a lead magnet. Once they give their email address they get access to the free gift and than the professionally crafted autresponder messages follow them up with valuable information and the selling of products.

Every time one of your subscribers buys a product you receive commission in your Clickbank account. It all works on autopilot for you using all of the proven marketing principles mentioned earlier. This is the perfect short-cut. You by-pass the time, frustration, and technical know how and go straight to marketing and earning income.

Tip: If you can’t generate sales with this ready to go system you will not make sales from the months you spend implementing your own system either. Both require sending traffic to your pages and you are best mastering that first with this system which will save you a lot of time and effort.

So let’s take a closer look at the CB PIRATE shortcut to making money online…


CB PIRATE is a Plug and Play System

The term plug and play was originally used with computer systems. Unless you were an ultra geek you had no chance of setting up all of the computer software needed to operate the system. So plug and play was invented where you basically just have to turn the computer on (plug it in) and it updates all of the necessary software automatically (all you have to is play).

So that is what CB PIRATE does. Rather than you trying to work out all of the geeky stuff like websites, squeeze pages, lead magnets, copywriting, follow-up messages, product creation, autoresponder services, hosting services, script services and so on.

Those thing are already taken care of so you just plug and play. Or more rightly plug and promote.

CB PIRATE Make Money Online Without A Website

The first headache for making money online is removed with this program as you do not need your own website. In fact the headline that introduces CB PIRATE even has this statement – The Shockingly Simple System That Makes Me $10,000 Per Month Without A Website Or A Product Of My Own.

CB PIRATE provides you with a link to promote professionally designed video squeeze pages (lead magnet pages). These pages are the most crucial element for all online selling systems. They are at the very front of your sales funnel and it is imperative that they do their job effectively for the rest of your system to work.

These video squeeze pages work! They do what they are designed for and that is collecting the email address of your visitor so they can be followed up and make you sales.

Here is an example video squeeze page…

Ask yourself… Would you be enticed to sign up for that offer? How long would it take you create a page like that? You don’t have to waste time doing this stuff it is done for you.


CB PIRATE Make Money Online Without Creating Products

Not only does CB PIRATE provide the website for you it also creates all of the lead magnet products as well and you don’t have to lift a finger. These products have your affiliate link inside them created automatically so if one of your subscribers click on the link from inside the report to purchase the product you get commission for it.

Rebranding reports with your affiliate link is nothing new. However, you usually have to download the report, run it through rebranding software, upload it to your own server and create a thankyou page so people can download it.

All this is done for you automatically with CB PIRATE.

That’s why it is called plug and play!


CB PIRATE Done For You Autoresponder Follow-Ups 

Here’s a quote from the sales page…

Our personal super persuasive follow up series – not only closing the sale for the initial product… But selling related Clickbank products to your prospects FOREVER, with your links of course! And with no autoresponder fee, set up or writing from you – we handle everything automatically!

This is where the true magic of this system (and any online marketing system for that matter) lays.

This is like have your own sales assistant running on autopilot 24/7 making sales on your behalf. You can do all this yourself however can you write follow up emails that will make you profit? Can you afford the added monthly expense of an autoresponder service? Can you create squeeze pages that actually gain lots of subscribers? Can you create great lead magnets? And if so how many?

That is why CB PIRATE  is such a great short cut to making money online fast!

One of the best advantages of this system is they already have been around for years with a proven track record and it will be around for years to come. This is both a fast way to get started and a way to make money for the long term with the autoresponder follow-up sequence generating income for you on autopilot.

While the wonderful CB PIRATE fast tracks everything and saves you a ton of money, time and frustration it is not a magic pill that will generate income by itself.

It is a selling system that works and works extremely well. However, it can only work well by following people up that you send to the squeeze pages so you do have to market/promote your links.

Of course this is true for any product you sell online.

The guys at CB PIRATE provide excellent training material to help you with your promotional efforts.

However, your job is really just giving stuff away for free. Send people to your squeeze pages to get free products and let the system do the selling for you from there.

All in all, I have to say (and it might sound a little blunt perhaps) if you can’t make money with this system it is hard to see you making money online in any other way. It doesn’t get much easier than this to get started.

If you do join this program and find yourself struggling to profit from it do not jump to some other product. Your problem is not the program. You need more knowledge about how to get visitors to your free offers. That is where you should invest more time and energy towards because a new program or offer won’t change that important missing element towards your success.

In fact, that is the only element you need to succeed!


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