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Content creation is a wonderful way to quickly and easily create content for your blog and even for your newsletter. I have used content creation on almost every post on this blog with an amazing tool I use pretty much every single day. That tool is call CurationSuite

You see… I provide a unique type of master resell product to my customers. In every product I include links to different pages on this blog that provide more resources, training, video tutorials and guides to further help expound a particular topic that is inside one my product packages.

So my routine is to research for valuable resources and than create my blog posts using Curation Suite as I will show you below. I can not rave about how useful and time saving this has been for me.


Saving Links and On-the-Fly Curation with Curation Suite™

As this video shows this is the very first thing I do when creating a blog post. I heavily research for valuable tutorials, tips, videos or guides and when I find a resource that will help my customers I add the link using Curation Suite


Secrets to Mastering Commentary with Curation [Live Training]

After I have discovered my top 10 resources I than create my posts with my added commentary similar to what is taught in this video below…


Curation suite sidebar quick overview

While I use most of what Curation Suite has to offer I primarily spend most of my time in blog posts using the side bar. Here is a demo…


Mastering Single Source Content Curation Training

Another form of curation I have had success with is demonstrated in this video. Basically when I find an interesting article in the Listening Engine (that will be explained further below) I add the link to curate it when I get the chance…


Listening Engine Tech Demo – Curation Suite

Below is a demonstration of the Listening Engine which I mentioned above. I also use it in combination with the news feature Curation Suite now provides on my news page.



Automate Social Sharing With Call to Actions Curation Suite Sniply Buffer 

Another great feature of Curation Suite that I use a lot is the social sharing buttons. It is a great way to find valuable content to share with your followers on Twitter and other social media…


Tutorial on Creating a Trending Round Up Curation

Here is another way you can put Curation Suite to work for you…


Below are some more tutorials which will show you how to use Curation Suite


Find Content with Curation Suite – On Demand Search


How to Curate a Weeks Worth of Content in Minutes


Curation to Creation Tutorial – Plus Promoting Content


In Summary: Curation Suite has become my most used tool for content curation and considering I spend a great deal of time creating content you could say it is the most used tool in my Internet marketing shed. I would hate to be trying to create content without.

From finding content, staying up to date with the latest trending articles in your niche, having all of the latest blog posts from your favorite bloggers at your finger tips and than for creating curated content Curation Suite is simply the best!

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