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The digital nomad lifestyle is growing in popularity now that there is better Internet and Wifi services throughout the world. There is now a large number of ways to make money online and there is also now resources you can tap into that will provide you with companies looking for freelance workers.



42 Ways You Can Make Money and Travel the World

What you will find in this guide: This guide has a list of 42 ways you can make money while traveling (keep in mind this is just a fraction of the opportunities that actually exist!)…


travel quote

Best Quote: This is actually one of the comments and most older people feel the same way. I would not underestimate the experience of having a gap year and surviving out of creative ideas. I am a graduate who have now lived in 4 countries in 3 different continents. I do not see anything wrong about taking time to simply travel. Human beings live for an average of 80 years nowadays, there is nothing wrong about dedicating half or full year to discovering other cultures and yourself. …I wish I had dedicated more time for this in my early age. I have seen successful people who have taken their time to travel around the world on a shoestring (including many MBAs from very good universities)

Here is just the first 10 of the ideas discussed:
Teach English
Sell Timeshares
Resort Jobs
Work in a Hostel
Online Freelance Work
Act in Films & Television Overseas
Working Holiday Visas
Travel Blogging
Any Kind of Blogging


Living The Freedom Lifestyle By Teaching Guitar To Kids Around The World

What you will find in this guide:  This guide shows you how Inga Hope has taught guitar lessons from a liveaboard sailboat with a cozy marina as a backdrop; from the backseat of a car at a McDonald’s parking lot in the middle of a Swedish motorway; and even from the North Pole! With the Internet becoming faster and more reliable around the world, she couldn’t be happier with the variety and freedom that her business has brought me.

guitar lesson digital nomad

Best Quote: The online business model is lean, efficient, and most importantly, effective. It has the ability to be scaled globally, with practically no investments and zero overhead.

Here is just some of the topics discussed:
Finding the idea and niche for my business
Taking my guitar tutoring business online
Living the freedom lifestyle by doing what I love


How I Can Afford My Life Of Constant Travel

What you will find in this guide:  The following guide gives a brief summary of the past 12 years in the life of someone who is truly living the digital nomad lifestyle. It is a timeline of sorts that details including where his money has come from at all times. Ultimately, it shows just how one ordinary person has so far managed to fund 4,195 days straight of traveling and living abroad.


digital nomad travel expenses

Best Quote: $2500 per month, and even $1000 or $1500 per month, is more than sufficient to achieve a lifestyle that involves extensive travel. It really doesn’t take much. Some teaching English here, some cruise ship work there, some internet marketing in your spare time and VOILA!

Here is another quote from this post:
There are many opportunities to earn money while traveling that exist out there. Once you realize this, you’ll also realize that luck, miracles and having an overflowing bank account play no role whatsoever in allowing you to achieve your travel goals.


I Want to Make Money From Anywhere in the World – Where Should I Start?

What you will find in this guide:  I loved this guide as it has real kick up the bum hard truths making it not only informative but sort of motivational as well… What can you be doing now to better prepare yourself for moving towards the location independent lifestyle? The hard part is where to begin. This guide covers the top 5 things one can do to prepare themselves…


how to make money as a digital nomad

Best Quote: Information overload is a term used by people who aren’t doing anything. Don’t let that be you. Set up a site with a buy-now button and start trying to convince people to click it. Immediately. Can’t find a niche? Just buy a site. You’ve got the money.

Here is just some of the topics discussed:

1) Be ruthless with your personal finances.
2) Quit your job.
3) Get used to saying no.
4) Frame of the consequences of your actions in 3-5 year windows.
5) Consume insane amounts of content and act on it.



51 Digital Nomad Job Ideas for 2017 + Resources to Get Started

What you will find in this guide:  If you’ve been yearning for more freedom in your job, and wondering how to become a digital nomad, this post is for you! They have listed 51 jobs you can do anywhere.


51 digital nomad job ideas

Best Quote: Keep in mind that being a digital nomad often means being a freelancer. So “freelance” is an implied prefix to many of these jobs.

Here is just some of the topics discussed:
Honeymoon and Vacation Photographer
Graphic Designer
Web Developer
Affiliate Marketer
Translator or Interpreter
SEO Specialist
Faculty for online classes
Online Tutor
Travel Blogger


Resources for Digital Nomads and Location Independent Entrepreneurs

What you will find in this guide: This is a resources page for those seeking to work and travel as digital nomads or entrepreneurs. Includes section on productivity, and tech tools from the road.

flexible work hours

Best Quote: The term ‘digital nomad’ is a popular one these days, referring to people who work online where their chosen work allows them to do so from anywhere.It remains the most apt label for people who want to live flexibly as self-starters while exploring the world.

Here is just some of the topics discussed:
1. Build your Own Business / Entrepreneurship
2. Location Independent / Remote Work and/or Freelancing
3. Work and Travel Visas
Productivity and Procrastination
CoWorking and Cafés
Tech Tools for Working When you Travel



The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Digital Nomad & Traveling the World While You Work

What you will find in this guide: This guide has everything you need to know about living and working as a digital nomad while traveling the world (even if you currently work for a corporate company).


digital nomad wifi connection when travelling

Best Quote: You can become a digital nomad in one of two ways: you could work for a company as an employee remotely, or you could start a business that will allow you to work from anywhere with wifi.

Here is just some of the topics discussed:
What Is a Digital Nomad?
Digital Nomads Don’t Get a Free Pass to Work Less
Digital Nomadism Is Not “Getting Paid to Travel”
How Can I Become a Digital Nomad?
Don’t Just Quit Your Job, Start a Business and Book a One Way Ticket




The Digital Nomad’s Guide To Working From Anywhere On Earth

What you will find in this guide: The work-anywhere, travel-the-world fringe lifestyle is going mainstream–and in this guide you will find apps, services, and events to help.


The Digital Nomad’s Guide To Working From Anywhere On Earth

Best Quote: The housing needs of digital nomads are different from the average traveler. For starters, many nomads like to connect with other freelancers and entrepreneurs. They need fast Wi-Fi. And they often need something longer-term than a hotel room but shorter-term than an apartment.

Here is just some of the topics discussed:
Video: It’s Actually Pretty Easy To Work Remotely From The Caribbean
Drop In And Get Busy
Jobs To Go
Digital Nomad Education
Places To Live
People To Meet
Better Flights, Cheaper
Financial Services For Globetrotters
Plug-And-Play Digital Nomad Experiences



Becoming a Digital Nomad: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What you will find in this guide: This guide shows you the ins and outs of launching and maintaining a career as a digital nomad


Become a digital nomad

Best Quote: Deliver on your promises, understand time zones, and present a professional appearance during video interviews. It’s cool to dress in pajama bottoms, as long as you have on a respectable shirt!

Here is just some of the topics discussed:
1. Build a portfolio
2. Ask for referrals
3. Leverage your network
4. Just start
5. Demonstrate reliability


Want To Become A Digital Nomad? Here Are 5 Companies That Can Help

What you will find in this guide: To help you kickstart your plans into action, this guide takes a look at the companies, organisations and online communities that can help facilitate all your nomadic dreams.

5 companies for digital nomads

Best Quote: While the notion of packing up and moving your life at whim seems romantic, the logistical elements of creating your new location-independent existence can be tricky.

Here is just some of the topics discussed:


The above resources should certainly point you into the right direction if you are looking to try the digital nomad lifestyle for yourself. From places to stay, how to find and connect to wifi locations, cheap travel advice and more.


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