How Keyword Clustering Improves SEO Results

This article explains what keyword clustering is and why it is so important for you to implement it into your content writing.

These guys also show you some great great keyword clustering examples with easy to follow screenshots.

Grouping keywords in this manner also helps you think outside of the box and discover more content ideas as well as being able to better provide solutions for your readers…


niche it downIf you’re still optimizing for “keyword strings”, you’re not alone. But the industry is evolving towards a different tactic that helps you to get to grips with your niche and create great-quality content: keyword clustering. So what is it, and how should you go about using it? What is keyword clustering, and who cares? (Hint: you should!)


Here are some videos that will help you understanding more about keyword clustering…



Keyword clustering is a practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to segment target search terms into groups (clusters) relevant to each page of the website. After keyword research, search engine professionals cluster keywords into small groups which they spread across pages of the website to achieve higher rankings in the search engine results (SERP). Keyword clustering is a fully automated process performed by keyword clustering tools.

Ever wonder how you can start competing with big website to rank for really tough keywords?


Basic Keyword Clustering Techniques – Using a keyword tool and a basic spreadsheet, I show you how to take the raw data from the keyword tool and convert it into powerful segmented market data…

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