How To Make Money With Webinars Top 10 Guides

In this post you will find my current top 10 free guides that teach you how to make money with webinars.

Inside my Top 10 Resell Authority master resell rights package there is a product called Webinar Authority. So this post is designed to provide another 10 resources to further elaborate on what the book covers for those of you who interested in this topic…

And why wouldn’t you be interested?

Even a casual glance through the following tutorials you will discover that webinars have now become the number 1 way Internet marketers generate leads and make sales. Many marketers now believe it would be impossible to make the sums of money required to stay in business without webinars.

So it is something worth learning and implementing wouldn’t you say?


On that note let’s dive in and start learning from the below resources:


How to Use a Webinar to Generate Massive Sales and Connect with your Audience

The guys over at Foundr run two seminars every week and rake in thousands of dollars doing so. In this post, they fully break down a tried-and-true framework that they use to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars per month using webinars.

Here’s a small takeaway from this guide:

Not sure what kind of webinar to run?  Then start with a live Q&A (question and answer) session. …This will allow you to …gain immediate insight into their core problems and concerns. …this is a fast, scalable way to speak to your audience, learn their pains, frustrations.  Every marketer should do this at least once.  You will learn more in one hour live with your customers than one month hiding behind your keyboard.  … Later you can reverse engineer that into your presentation to ensure that you are addressing key concerns and questions your customers have.  

Here is a brief over view of some of the stuff you will learn:

  • Types of webinars that sell
  • Breaking Down Webinar Sales
  • Webinar Toolbox
  • Webinar platforms
  • Getting people to register
  • How to structure your presentation
  • Q&A
  • Keeping up engagement
  • Onboarding and Following up


How to Do a Webinar (Without Paying for Expensive Tools)

Does running a webinar sound scary and expensive? Here’s how to run a simple webinar that builds trust and authority without spending a single penny. I love this guide as it is very easy to read, full of great advice and real life stories…

This following takeaway is very simple yet golden advice:

Hidden in your blog are two sources of fail-safe webinar topics: your list of popular posts, and the list of keywords that lead readers to your site. Take a look at your ten most popular posts and think about repurposing them as a webinar.

There is a ton of topics covered in this guide however here is just 4 of the subjects covered:

Stage 1: Get to grips with Google Hangouts
Stage 2: Learn how to set up an Event on Google+
Stage 3: Practice starting a Hangout on Air
Stage 4: Bring it all together and create a test webinar

making money webinars

How to Make Money Blogging with Webinars

This guide gives a break down of the process used by Steve Chou who now does a webinar each month and makes between $30,000 and $70,000 each time.

Here’s a small takeaway from this guide:

Don’t worry about giving away too much information in your webinar. Give people something valuable, something they can really use and they’ll trust you. That trust will go a long way in converting people to your course.

Here is a broad over view of some of the stuff you will learn:

  • How are Webinars used to Make Money?
  • What to Sell through Your Webinars
  • Advertising your Webinar without Spending all Your Money
  • Webinar Email Series to Convert
  • Delivering an Awesome Webinar
  • Webinar Fears that Will Defeat You


How To Make Money With Webinars | #1 Ultimate Webinar Guide!

Webinars convert like crazy – your conversion rates could be as high as 60%! So if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, this step-by-step guide will teach you exactly how to make money with webinars.

Here’s a small takeaway from this guide:

Keep your slides tidy, visually engaging and easy to read. You can also send these to your attendees before the webinar – so they know what to expect before joining you online.

Here is a broad over view of some of the stuff you will learn:

  • Why You Gotta Learn How To Make Money With Webinars.
  • 20 Undeniable Reasons Why Webinars Are AWESOME.
  • The BEST Ways To Make Money With Webinars.
  • Empower Yourself With A KILLER Webinar Script.
  • 7 Powerful Marketing Hacks To Make Money With Webinars…
  • Improve Your Webinar Results Over & Over Again.

why you need to learn about seminars

How to Sell Products and Services With Webinars

This a podcast episode by Social Media Social Hour Podcast where Steven Essa, one of the world’s leading experts on Webinars teaches how you can sell products and services with webinars.

Here is a broad over view of some of the stuff you will learn:

  • Great categories for webinars
  • Webinar Best Practices
  • Give away valuable content
  • closing
  • live webinars perform best
  • Driving Traffic to Your Webinars
  • Monetizing a Webinar
  • Webinar Tools


How to Make Money With Webinars: Step-By-Step Guide to $11,286

In this guide, Scott Briton teaches you exactly how to make money with webinars by outlining everything he did to create a single webinar that made $11,286 for his online course Udemy Fast Track.

Here’s a small takeaway from this guide:

After you have your script, use that to create a well designed slide presentation that accompanies your script. You should aim for the whole presentation to be 60-90 minutes. To give you an idea, my script was 40 pages long in google docs and the presentation was 90 minutes long.

Here is a broad over view of some of the stuff you will learn:

Step 1: Define Your Webinar
Step 2: Create The Webinar Content
Step 3: Set A Webinar Date
Step 4: Create a registration page for your webinar
Step 5: Create Your Webinar Emails
Step 6: Drive Traffic To Your Registration Page


define your webinar


Make Money With Webinars | Monetize Your Webinar in 4 Easy Steps

This guide shows you 4 ways to make money with webinars from how you begin it and frame your offer to your follow up email sequence.

Here’s a small takeaway from this guide:

Whatever your product or service—a coaching program, a downloadable guide, an online course, a physical product—the important thing is to protect its value (and yours) with a minimum $100 price tag.

Here is a broad over view of some of the stuff you will learn:

1) Craft Your Offer (During Webinar)
2) Email Follow-Up Sequence (Post-Webinar Part 1)
3) Modified Sales Strategies (Post-Webinar Part 2)
4) Multiplying Profits (Bonus Strategies)


How To Make Money With Webinars

I have saved the best until last! When the Fempreneur tells people how webinars have benefited her business, they seem amazed! If you’re not sure what a webinar is, be sure to read this in depth article.

Here’s a small takeaway from this guide:

You definitely need to know what she is talking about below…

The post-webinar sequence converts like crazy. …and it triples my expected sales.

Here is a broad over view of some of the stuff you will learn:

  • Doing your first webinar?
  • How does a webinar work?
  • So how do webinars make money?
  • How NOT to do a webinar
  • The right way to do a webinar
  • How I used Webinars to pre-sell my product
  • You don’t need a finished product to start making money with webinars


There can be no doubt that if you can master webinar marketing you will increase your profits quite wildly. It gives you the chance to educate, inspire, answer questions and appear as the expert in the industry to your prospects. It also helps build a better relationship with your subscribers which also obviously leads to more income as well.

Your webinars can be recorded and repurposed and in many case sold as a product itself afterwards or provided as a bonus to other products or affiliate offers.

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