Master Resale Rights Products With Unlimited Refills

Why The Master Resale Rights Niche is The Best Way To Start An Online Business….

This is the ultimate guide to master resale rights marketing. You will learn why the resell rights business is so great to get into and how best to get started. The essential tools required and plenty of profit generating tricks of the trade and tips…

Of course the most obvious and upfront benefit is that we can resell the products and keep 100% of the profits. It is the ultimate short-cut to having something to sell online. 

The product is created for you. The sales letter is prepared. You just add marketing.

However… As you will see from the below tutorial that is just the beginning (where sadly most people stay), there is a much bigger picture to see and hopefully I will be able to help open your eyes to all of the possibilities…

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The Major Reason I Love Resell Rights is Because While it is a Narrow Niche it Crosses Over into All Aspects of the Broader Internet Marketing Realm.

Resell rights marketing is like a doorway to a home, that once you enter in you continue along a narrow entrance that eventually opens up into a number of much bigger rooms and you finally see the bigger picture of an entire house.

Master resale rights products are a great introduction to Internet marketing

In our house we might call those rooms a bathroom, kitchen, dining, bedroom and so on. If you want to eat you need the kitchen, if you want to sleep you need a bedroom, if you want to wash you need a bathroom, and so…

Think about it…

In our online marketing house we are entering in by the resell rights doorway which is a narrow niche entrance, however resell rights marketers need the same things as all internet marketers do.

The rooms have different names in our online house they are list building, email marketing, webhosting, web design, traffic and so on.

So The Possibilities For You To Cross Promote, Back-End sell, and Upsell Are Almost Infinite…

Most unsuccessful resell rights marketers make a sale and that’s it. They leave their guests at the door! Don’t be like that…

Bring your guests through the door and show them around. Invite them to the kitchen (webhosting), show them the guest bedroom where they can sleep (autoresponders), show them the entire house!

(It’s called the back-end selling and that is where the true profits are found).

So all of that was rather a long-winded way of saying… resell rights products are the perfect lead in to a much broader market place, so I encourage you to look at the much bigger picture. This can be a really profitable niche if you utilize it correctly.

master resell rights doorway to internet marketing

Why Master Resell Rights Is The Perfect Start Up Business…

You Need Something To Sell

This is where you most likely need to change your mind set. Most people think they need to create their own products to succeed online. While it is certainly nice to be able to do so it also takes a lot of time and effort. Months of blood sweat and tears can go into creating a product and than it can still flop.

Now think about just about any offline store…

Most of them don’t make their own products. Your local grocery store, the supermarket, the clothes store, the toy store, etc…

ALL… Buy their products wholesale from someone else than sell them onto you at a profit. None of them rely on creating their own products and couldn’t possibly do so.

This is the same thing with selling online. You get the master resell rights products at wholesale prices than sell them onto others and make a profit.

The BIG difference is… In the digital business, you only have to purchase the product just once and can resell it thousands of times without the need to restock or reorder like an offline business would have to…

Of course you can get my range of products however I am also going to recommend this membership site if you want access to thousands more…

Let explain why in more detail…

Your Online Business is Very Similar To An Offline Business Only Way More Affordable…

Think about the basic requirements for running an offline biz…

When preparing this article I did some research looking for the average cost of starting an offline store and here is a brief breakdown…

RENT = $1500 Month (3000 to 4000 in popular malls)

UTILITIES = $500 Month

STOCK = $20,000 initial outlay than ongoing monthly replacements

SALES PEOPLE = Approx. $6000 a month for each one

And that’s not even taking into account cleaners, advertising costs and so on.

the resell rights business is much more affordable

So offline… You need a building, an address and a shopfront to trade from, stock to sell, and people to come to your store and buy.

Your online biz is exactly the same only the costs are amazingly low in comparison.

1) Your building is your webhost

2) Your address is your domain name

3) Your website is your shop front

4) You need something to sell

5) You need people to sell to (what we call online… traffic)

6) You need sales people

If you are just starting out in the master resell rights arena I suggest starting with a resale rights membership.

Just get your head around this. These guys provide you with new resell rights products on a daily basis and webhosting.

What that means is for just $19.95 a month you have all the stock supplied for your online business and the rent paid for your building.

You will also need to register a domain name which is about $9 per year cost.

Amazing isn’t it?

A few sales and your costs are covered making it one of the most low risk business opportunities imaginable and this is all you really need to get started however in reality I would recommend a few more tools…

So for just $19.95 a month plus a yearly fee of $9 we have the building, the address and the inventory all covered!

So now we are left with the online equivalent of the shop front, sales people and customers.

Your Website Design Equals Your Storefront…

Is your web design scaring people away?

Website Design

This is your shop front. Your window to the rest of the world-wide web and it doesn’t matter if it is right or wrong people do judge a book by its cover. If you have seen the articles on my site or have been on my list for a while you know that I only ever recommend Thrive Themes for all my web design and list building needs.

You can purchase there tools individually however I paid for access to everything. For just $19.95 a month (paid yearly) you get all of the following…

Thrive Themes – 10 beautifully designed WordPress themes with a focus on conversions. All of themes are also built for speed which is critical factor for search engines these days. Yes  – If your site loads too slow it gets demoted in the search results.

Content Builder – Amazing drag and drop page builder. Actually, you can use this to create all your blog posts as well. Easy and quick to use, you can create beautiful pages that include just about every element you can think of.

Landing Pages – Easily create all sorts of landing pages, sales pages, webinar and download pages. Easy drag and drop you can build from scratch or use one of the 162 templates provided.

Thrive Leads –  The most amazing lead capture plugin you will find. Create all types of capture forms, hello bars, pop-ins, pop-ups and more. Run split test and see the statistics right from your own WordPress dashboard.

Quiz Builder – I haven’t had the chance to use this yet however the potential is unreal. The things you can do with this tool to enhance opt-ins and find out exactly what your subscribers want have to seen to be believed.

Thrive Ultimatum – Another tool that is perfect for adding scarcity. I am using an evergreen set up at the moment using this tool and it’s great. Download my free package above and see what happens during the ecourse to see this tool in action.

Thrive Ovation – This plugin s another one I haven’t had a chance to set up yet however it is used to collect testimonials on automatic.

Clever Widgets – I love this plugin. You can have different content appear on your side bars to match each post. 

Headline Optimizer – With this plugin you can split test your headlines to see which ones work the best.

Thrive University – The education value of this section is mind blowing. Here you will learn not only how to use all of the Thrive tools but also how to create great blogs, landing pages, sites that convert, lead capture and more.

You Need Sales People…

Your autoresponder is your sales person

List building in combination with your autoresponder is your automated sales people online.

After you have the basics set up these two items will be the most essential of all for succeeding in this business.

An autoresponder is an absolute must in this business.

A sequential autoresponder allows you to automatically send preloaded messages to your subscribers at any time interval you require.

So… I can set the welcome message for immediately after sign up, second message for the next day, than the next message 2 days after or 3 days or even 100, whatever I like.

You can even select what days. So maybe I only want to send messages on Tues and Thurs so I set the autoresponder to do so. You can even select what time, perhaps I want to send the emails at 8am on those days.

You can write your messages and load them in the autoresponder and you have an automated sales person. Based on feedback and results you than adjust, rewrite or change the sequence to improve, pretty much just as you would train a sales person in an offline store to do better if you were the manager. See my sales funnel guides to learn more about your automated sales system

​​​​​​​Remember… set the foundations right and the rest of your business will come together.

You Need Customers…

Website traffic

Why do you think rent is so high in all the malls and that there is no shortage of shops willing to pay it?

The answer = TRAFFIC

You can’t make sales if no one can find your shop. Same goes for your web site because sadly if you build it they won’t just come.

There is numerous ways to get traffic to your site and I have 10 guides you can read through at my blog.

So to summarise the costs of running this business are very small compared with other offline ventures.

For $19.95 a month you have all of your inventory and building costs covered.

For another $19.95 a month you have your store front and lead generating sales person.

For another $29 a month you have your automated follow up sales person.

All of the online essentials: Something to sell, webhosting, web design, lead generation and autoresponder for about $69 a month.

You will no doubt incur costs for advertising and so on but have you ever heard of being able to run a business for under a hundred dollars a month?

No other business can come close to this sort of affordability!

Now Let’s Look At Some Ways For You To Get The Most Out Of Your Resell Rights Products…

Many years ago I was interviewed as an expert in a book written by Ewen Chia called ‘Resale Rights Secrets’

One of the questions asked was this one…

What is the single most important factor that’ll make or break someone’s success as a reseller of resale rights products?

My answer…

The most important without a doubt is to build a highly targeted list of subscribers to your list…

I think that was over 10 years ago now and you know what?

All of these years later the answer remains the same!

At the time I outlined my simple strategy for building a list consisting of people who are very interested in buying resale rights products and that strategy will still work for you now…

Sometimes when we talk about lists, ezines or newsletters, those who are new start to freak out about how they can do it.

After all it’s a lot of effort writing articles and maintaining a consistent schedule and to be quite blunt, most budding entrepreneurs fail to make one dime for the efforts.

So my suggestion is to keep it simple. Just ask people to subscribe to your HOT notification list..

I use to do this myself and every time a new product was released I would send out an email to the list and offer a big discount and almost immediately sales started pouring in.

It just doesn’t come any easier than that. You can add a pop up to your site that contains something like the below…


Would You Like To Be One Of The First To Know? Join our FREE notification list.

We will inform you immediately new resale rights product are released onto the market so you can be one of the first to start selling and cash in on the profits.

Plus subscribers of this special resell rights notification list

usually get hefty discounts as well.


To build your list, ask for subscribers in everything you do… On every page of your website have subscription opportunities, in every email you send use a signature file, and every article you create invite people to subscribe to your notification list.

Time and Time Again The Simple Methods Work The Best, So Stick With Them…

Of course you need three of the big essentials for this to work.

The first is an autoresponder email service to add your subscribers to so you can send out emails to them.

The second is to build your list and as you know by now I am big fan of Thrive Leads for all of my optin forms, landing pages and list building requirements.

The third using this method would be to join a resale rights membership site so you can have the latest products released. The big advantage this membership is you get web hosting as well.

Now this is just one easy method of maximizing your list building profits with a simple approach…

For example: I have created an autoresponder ecourse that teaches you this business and hopefully earns me income at the same time via affiliate links used to my recommendations.

Of course this takes more work however is very rewarding once you have it set in place – and you only do the work once and the course will bring you income for years to come.

My whole point is that no matter how you go about things you MUST build your list and take care of the people who subscribe in order to make it in this business.

What If You Could Get Just One Extra Subscriber A Day?

One extra subscriber a day doesn’t sound much does it?

I was doing some research recently and read a case study where they added a scroll bar to their blog and it resulted in a 1.8% subscriber conversion rate.

My first impression was – so what! I was underwhelmed to say the least.

However when you think about it… If you get 100 visitors a day to your site that equates to an average of 1.8 subscribers a day.

Over a year that is 657 extra subscribers.

Let’s convert that to money. What if each subscriber was worth just $10 a year (a very low estimate), that would mean an extra $6,570 a year in earnings.

What if you had 1000 visitors a day? That 1.8% improvement would now be worth an extra $65,700 a year and that is based on just $10 a subscriber.

Remember this was on top of what their current subscription forms were producing.

Every small improvement increases your bottom line. By now you would see that highly recommend ThriveThemes.

I use them for EVERYTHING!

Their list building tools are amazing. You can create any type of form you can think of and track the results. However they also have the best and easiest wordpress themes to work with so I use their entire suite of plugins and tools for my business on unlimited sites.

And I must say I have learned more from their tutorials and University than everywhere else combined.

Thrivethemes is the one tool to replace them all – it is that good!

Another important factor I believe is vital to succeeding in this business is to be DIFFERENT.

Stand out from the other resellers

Here is one of the most important statements that was said to me that had the biggest impact to my success…

You Don’t Have To Re-Invent The Wheel. If You See Something Working Copy The Concept and Improve On It…

So being different doesn’t mean starting from scratch…

If you see something that works copy the concept – IMPROVE on it and add your own unique twist to it. My success comes from being different – It is important that you just don’t follow the pack.

Below I am going to give you some ideas about how you can differentiate yourself from everyone else while actually selling the same thing…

Beautify The Sales Letter

I confess this is one of my major weaknesses. Designing great graphics or paying someone to do it for you is a huge plus in this business…

You will need to read the licensing terms of each product however for the most part if you totally re-skin the look and feel of a product it will boost sales significantly.

I used to know a guy (now retired) who was a whiz with graphic design and he would take a resell rights product or a PLR product and transform it into something that looked brand new and his version would sell like hot cakes.

In fact people like me who already owned the original product would repurchase it from him so we could have a copy of his salesletter and graphics.

He was selling the exact same products and he didn’t have to reinvent the wheel he just improved on it with his way of being different.

Done For You Services

This same fellow would than offer a done for you service where he would install the products for you. Eventually he developed an entire autoresponder follow up system that he would install for you as well.

You see… he just added a few extras to already existing products and was making $97 a pop for everyone using his installation service.

I have seen people buy domain names and create websites around resell rights products than sell the websites as a business. Still using resell rights products but position their unique selling point as selling websites.

So you can be selling the same thing as everyone else but position yourself differently and that’s the lesson for you – be different and you sell more. These guys were technically selling resale rights products however they were not selling them that way.

If you came to their sites they were selling websites, done for you services, improved sales letters, autoresponder series and so on.

Can You Think of Ways You Can Offer Your Resell Rights Products A Little Differently To Everyone Else?

Another example from years back a guy made a small fortune creating a 30 day resell rights challenge. Basically for $30 which he re-positioned as $1 a day he provided a new resell rights product via autorepsonder every day for 30 days.

Get that?

He didn’t even use the term $30, he continually just used the phrase $1 dollar a day. So he even changed the angle of his pricing to make it sound different.

That was so easy… However by positioning himself a little differently it sold big time…

I hope that now your creative juices are flowing and you are the next person to provide a unique little twist to this industry.

Reveal Your Own Strategy For Profiting With Resale Rights in As Little As 72 Hours!

This is another question that was posed to me in that book interview I did all of those years ago… And yet again my answer remains the same!

I believe if you are just starting out that you shouldn’t expect to be able to make money that quickly. You will more than likely be left very disappointed by setting unrealistic expectations…

I can make lots of money in 24 hours simple by sending out an email to my highly targeted list as mentioned earlier.

You will be able to do exactly the same (eventually) however first build your business.

In my opinion slow and steady wins the race.

If you start now then one day down the track you will be able to make money the same way.

Just go step by step and implement the simple things mentioned in this guide and you’ll make more money in the long run then those trying to make it quicker.

How Can A Reseller Survive and Make A Nice Living From Resale Rights in The Long-Term… Given The Intense Competition?

This was another question I was asked and I believe it really is just a case of doing the simple things well.

Implement the two main ingredients I mentioned earlier.

1. Build your list 2. Be unique

Now it’s amazing how better you perform when you are actually doing it…

By getting involved and going through the day to day routine of marketing your site, visiting forums, reading training materials like this one and generally throwing yourself into this business you get more confident.

One of the most important things to do is not get too far ahead of yourself.

Break things down into bite sized junks and learn and then implement one step at a time!

How to Use Resell Rights Products to Effectively Upsell to Your Customers and Increase Your Profits by 33% or More…

One of the things that the majority of folks fail to do is capitalize on a proven marketing strategy called… the upsell.

The most common form of upselling these days is by displaying a one-time offer after purchase however you can also upsell on your download pages, and in your email follow-ups with your customers…

==> The Magic Of Upselling.

The magic of upselling

Have you ever ordered a meal from McDonalds?

I’m sure you have noticed that they always ask if you want something extra with your order.

Would you like fries with that sir? Would you like some dessert with that madam?

Do you ever think of how much extra money this one tactic produces for this store?

Let me tell you – lots!

What about those Television info-commercials?

Order now! So you jump on the phone and place your order.

Guess what?

That’s right – they upsell…

They might say something like this… Do you know that because you ordered this item that if you decide to buy our other item TODAY! RIGHT NOW… you can have that second product for half price.

This is called upselling.

So what’s this got to do with the resell rights business?

Well my friend I want you to realize the power you have by owning many products…

Let’s say you are selling a $97 package. When the customer clicks through to order you can take them to a page that offers them an upsell.

You can give them the option of purchasing an extra product for a special discount. You could for example offer one of the other $97 packages for just $37.

This is a huge saving for your customer of $60 but also an increase in profits for you – at no extra cost for you!

Or you can offer an extra book for a low price or another $47 package for just $20 extra and so on.

This one marketing tactic called the upsell is a real winner and owning the resale rights to lots of products gives you the ability to unleash this strategy for mind blowing profits.

Think about it for a minute. If you click through to buy and see an offer like the one above and you know that this offer is ONLY available RIGHT NOW – decide whether you want to save $60 by getting the extra product or just get the initial product you wanted.

Let me tell you not too many people can resist a bargain and many – if not most – will choose to take the upsell.

Discover How to Potentially Double, Triple or Even Quadruple Your Profits By Using Just The One Simple Back End Selling Technique…

An often overlooked strategy is selling more products to your already existing customers – this is called back-end selling.

==> Are You Neglecting Your Existing Customers?

I decided to do a quick search about this subject and here are just some of the headlines I found on the search engines.

=> Are You Neglecting 70% to 90% of Your Internet Profits? => Back-end Selling… Easy Money! => Back-end Selling – The Key to Longevity!

And so the list could go on – however do you see the importance of backend selling?

What is it?

Quite simply it is selling more products to your already existing customers. You see… Your existing customers have already bought something from you and hopefully you bent over backwards to make sure they had a happy experience.

Hopefully you over-delivered and gave them great value. If so they will be the ones more interested in anything you have to offer in the future.

Your customers already know you. They already trust you and we already know they are willing to spend money and because of the product they purchased we also know what similar products may interest them.

Because you have already gained their confidence you can now back-end sell other books or products from affiliate programs that you recommend.

3 Knock Out Bonus Strategies Guaranteed to Absolutely Delight Your Customers and Have Them Falling Over Themselves to Write You Glowing Testimonials…

Knockout bonus strategies

Would You Like To Have Your Customers Raving About You to Everyone They Meet?

Would You Like To Increase Your Sales?

What About Keeping Your Referrals Loyal To The Programs You Introduce Them To?

Well now you can accomplish all of the above and more using your resell rights products as great bonus incentives.

Let me explain just 3 killer ways you can maximize the use of bonus products…

==> Number 1

This one you should already know about… Add bonus products on your sales page for anything you are selling. This includes affiliate programs.

You could offer a bonus book or books for anyone who joins such and such a program under you.

Or when selling one of your ebooks add other ebooks as bonuses but try and make sure these books compliment what you are selling. Therefore if you are selling a book about email marketing try to include bonuses that relate to that theme.

==> Number 2This is how you can almost totally eliminate refunds and have your customers falling over themselves to sing your praises.

When one of your customers buys a product from you, give them a surprise bonus book immediately after they have ordered. Hey – this is going to impress them isn’t it?

Already they’ve got something extra for their money. But don’t stop there. When you give them the extra bonus let them know you are going to give them even more surprise bonuses over the coming weeks.

Then for the next 3 or 4 weeks send them an email with another bonus product and a thankyou note letting them know you really appreciate their business and you are doing your best to over-deliver for them.

This leaves a great impression. Do you think they will buy from you again in the future? You bet!This is where resell rights products come in very handy as you can have hundreds of extra books you can offer as bonuses.

==> Number 3Give any of your referrals to various MLM or affiliate programs books that will help them market the products for themselves.

The same goes for your affiliates if you are running your own affiliate program. This is a great way to train them and gain their friendship and trust as you are supplying them with valuable bonuses just for being involved with you.

Once again this will leave a great impression.

​I hope this guide has helped you see the bigger picture of the resell rights marketing niche. It truly is a great way to get going with an online business. However, I feel it is important to finish with at least a reality check with this business or any other.

It will take a lot of work –  especially when you are just starting out and there will be a huge learning curve as well. You will not succeed if you don’t persevere and show patience. Hopefully this guide will go a long way to improving your success.

Unlimited Products To Sell