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Welcome to another edition of the online Resale Rights Newsletter. Today’s brand new master resale rights product is The Social Marketing Advantage and you can get it below for just $2 with the following master resell rights bonus products: Genealogy Genius, and Forex Trading Fortunes. There is also plenty of great Internet Marketing related tutorials below the offer as well.


Today’s Special Deal: Social Marketing Advantage and Bonuses For Just $2

internet marketing tutorials


Discover The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Dominating Social Media Marketing And Make Profits …Starting Today


This Comprehensive A to Z, 8-Part Social Media Marketing Course Will Guide You From Zero to Brand New Customers!


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Writing content that encourages shares isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are many bits and pieces that go into social media marketing.

You have to develop a brand that will resonate on social platforms and drive many more subscriptions, follows, likes and much more.

Thankfully, I’ve created a comprehensive course guiding you through the process of creating your social media plan and deploying it..



Here’s what you’ll discover in this course:

How to write content that encourages shares
How to grow your social media accounts
How to create a posting schedule that works in YOUR work flow and that you can actually stick to!
How to use more modern social media tools like live video and ‘stories’
How to track your data and hone your posts over time for greater performance
How to work with other creators and accelerate your growth rapidly
How to build true fans and highly engaged readers
How to develop a brand that will resonate on social platforms and drive many more subscriptions, follows and likes
How to understand the psychology of sharing and following
And much more!

It is separated into the following 8 sections for ease or learning.

Guide 1: Develop Your Social Marketing Plan
Guide 2: Use Social Media For Market Research
Guide 3: Social Targeting The Perfect Customers
Guide 4: Engaging Content Attracts Customers
Guide 5: Become The Expert By Providing Value
Guide 6: Social Follower Quality Trumps Quantity
Guide 7: Implement A Marketing Schedule That Works
Guide 8: Track, Test and Improve

 Today’s Bonus Master Resale Rights Product

genealogy genius master resale rights ebookGenealogy, to most people, is just the simple term ‘family tree’. One would be foolish to not have any interest on his origin. To start with one’s genealogy is like starting a long hike. There are things one needs to know and prepare for. In addition to that, it would consume some of your time. Just have patience and it will all be worth it!

There are many sites offering free information on genealogy. As the saying goes, it is now just a click of a mouse away. As mentioned, one must prepare some information before starting to look for additional ones. What are these ‘information’?




forex trading master resell rights ebookForex trading is about currency trading on Forex market. The basic principle that operates on every market, applies here as well: in order to make money, you have to buy low then sell high. That’s the whole philosophy.

Working non-stop with uncountable amounts of dollars, Forex is the greatest liquid financial market worldwide. You can now trade currency whenever you want, wherever you are, whoever you are. Until the 90’s this kind of trading was only allowed for banks, big corporations or great dealers due to the strict regulations imposed by this market. Individuals or small businesses could not trade here.




Download The Social Marketing Advantage and Bonus For Today’s Special Discount Price of Just $2

The Social Marketing Advantage with Master Resale Rights

Today’s Hot Internet Marketing Product…
internet marketing tutorials

Today’s Roundup Of The Best Internet Marketing Tips & Tutorials From The Top Blogs in The Industry…

internet marketing tutorials

Have You Heard of Thank You Content Marketing?

Good old fashion manners wins out every time even in this fast past digital world. Thank you content should be implemented just ebcause it is a nice thing too however it will also increase your profits. It creates the power reciprocity (the practice of exchanging things with others for mutual benefit). If you just pause to think about the last time someone did something nice for you, not only do you like that person for it you also feel strongly about repaying them in kind.

The following article shows you 5 ways to use thank you content marketing…

how to create better content

Thank You Content Marketing And Reciprocity: 5 Ways To Build Customer Relationships – Heidi Cohen– The small act of saying “thank you” shows prospects, customers and others you really care about them, not just their money. Ann Handley expressed it best, “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” …Done well, thank you content marketing is the gift that keeps on giving.



3 Ways To Create Better Adwords Landing Pages

Have you tried the ugly duckling search term method? What about the swan or wet rat method? It’s okay… I had never heard of these methods before today either and you discover what they are in the article below…

Get Better Landing Pages for AdWords with 3 Techniques to Try Today – If you’re a PPC strategist, your client’s campaigns live and die by the strength of the landing pages. If you drop the perfect paid audience on a page with no offer (or an unclear one), you’ll get a 0% conversion rate no matter how your ads perform. The problem is that as AdWords account managers, we can be pretty limited in our ability to change landing pages.



How To Solve Your Customers Problems

If you can master the art of solving problems for others you will be a successful marketing.  If you can answer those problems you become an expert in the field (think coaching), or if you can understand your customers problems you can create more products to address those problems. Either way if you can solve problems you will not only be helpful to others you will also be prosperous as well….

How to Understand and Solve Your Customers’ Problems – I really think in the end that is our job and I think it takes a special point of view. We as business owners and marketers are so in tune with this idea of promoting what we do and talking about our solutions, but until a prospect or a client understands that we understand their problems that they’re trying to solve, I don’t think we can make any kind of connection to the solutions.



The Colors on Your Website Have A Big Impact On Sales

transform your plr products

How Different Color Schemes Can Impact Sales on Your Website– If you understand how the customer’s mind works, you can use certain triggers to help you generate a profit. One of the most important psychological factors you need to consider is color. The right colors can lead to a conversion, while the wrong colors can leave a customer with a negative impression of your company (which you obviously want to avoid).


Sick & Tired of Writing Blog Posts? Discover Other Ways To Do Content Marketing

This post has some great examples of companies succeeding without writing one blog posts. Depending on your niche you can maximise your content marketing using Instagram or Youtube just to mention two…

How To Do Content Marketing Without Writing Blog Posts– Content marketing is all the rage right now. If you want a piece of the organic/SEO traffic pie, you need to be creating new content on a daily basis. There are currently millions of blog posts published daily.




Discover The Most Effective Ways To Generate Leads & Find New Customers

The Most Effective Ways to Generate Leads for Your Business– To survive, businesses constantly need to come up with new revenue streams. While you may generate plenty of money by improving customer retention by focusing on your existing customers, you’re only getting a small piece of the pie. The companies who focus on lead generation do more than just survive—they thrive.



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