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No product qualified today for the $2 deal however you can get the following 4 master resale rights bonuses for FREE: Traffic Blitz, Classic Car Expertise, Clothing 101, Computers and Technology. There is also plenty of great Internet Marketing related tutorials below the offer as well.


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Traffic Blitz master resell rights

When you inject viral sharing into your sales copy or funnel, you’ll immediately maximize exposure with very little work involved. Instead of spending hours setting up traffic campaigns and ads on social media networks, you motivate your visitors into doing all the work for you!

This report will show you exactly how to set up a viral sharing platform that’ll drive steady traffic to your website and how to best convert that traffic into sales.



 Classic Car Expertise

Looking back and reading on classic cars is just like reliving the days when these cars were still roaming the streets and roads. It also gives a chance for the new generation to get to know the kind of cars and vehicles that used to own the highways in cities and countries. This is comprehensive guide all about classic cars.




Clothing 101
Girls and teens want to look sharp and fashion forward. Fashion trends change every season, but there are certain basic items of girl’s clothes that everyone wants in their wardrobe. Key pieces can be combined to create many different looks. This guide will give you great fashion tips for every occasion.



Computers and Technology


Don’t worry too much if you lack advanced technical computer skills. A lot of that can be remedied by just putting in a little bit of time each week in doing some self-study. In this guide, you’ll learn which computer skills are necessary to serve your sweet spot small business clients.


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internet marketing tutorials

Analyze Your Competitors To Increase Your Profits


How to Increase Profits by Analyzing Your Competition –  If you want to be an expert in your niche, you’ll need to learn effective competitor analysis skills. Otherwise, you could put yourself at risk of falling behind those businesses that adopt these strategies first.



So why are you not making money online?

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Why You Are Not Making Money Online | John Chow
–  You bought all the products, you went to all the webinars, you read every make money online blogs on the internet. So why are you not making money online? The answer maybe that you just don’t have a why at all. I explain it all in this episode of Driving with John Chow. Enjoy!




Google continues its preparations for the most anticipated update to come

Google News Digest: Curvier Mobile SERPs, a Strategic Deal with Salesforce and Virtual and Augmented Reality with Google – Google continues its preparations for the most anticipated update to come – Mobile First Index – including a softer and lighter look for its mobile interface. With the festive spirit in mind, Google rolled out updates to its AdWords and Merchant Center to make sure we all expand our reach, well…even beyond the reach. Most of the updates concerned tweaks and tricks regarding Google tools.


The Future of Marketing Will Involve AI’s and Machine Learning

Is machine learning the future of marketing?  Will it be entirely automated by smart AIs that fully understand human nuance? As we’ll discuss shortly, the top influencers in marketing put their heads together on this very topic, and the results may surprise you. In any case, it’s safe to say that marketing probably isn’t going back to the old days of billboards, newspapers, and radio spots.


Why Tracking ROI Should Be a Foundational Tenet of Your Marketing Routine

pay per click ideas

Here’s Why Tracking Marketing ROI Is So Important  –  Tracking and measuring your return on investment, or ROI, allows you an in-depth, data-backed picture of where and how your marketing dollars are being spent. That’s why taking stock of your marketing efforts, down to the number, helps you determine where your time and funds are best spent for maximum effectiveness. In this post, you’ll find a few concrete reasons why measuring and tracking ROI should be a foundational tenet of your marketing routine and how adopting this habit can meaningfully impact your business.


What Content Marketers in Australia Must Do Next

content marketing questionsBeyond the Build – What Content Marketers in Australia Must Do Next [New Research]  –  Like their peers in North America, Australian content marketers say their organizations are concentrating more on building audiences than they were a year ago. That’s a 23% year-over-year increase, which is higher than the 18% year-over-year increase reported by North American B2B content marketers. 85% of Australian respondents agree their org is focused on building an audience vs 69% last year.


Create Expert Content Using PLR + Video

These guys have lots of ideas for re-purposing your PLR content and this video explains another  the free transcribe method…

Email Marketing Remains The Most Effective Channel for Generating The Highest Revenue

successful targeted content marketing

5 Email Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2018 | HuffPost  –   Despite the false predictions by the so-called experts, email is not dead. Yet it’s only getting stronger and more powerful. The year 2017 proved this to all with 59% of marketers choosing email to be the most effective channel for generating the highest revenue. Email continues to dominate the marketing world. So, what kind of trends and changes can we expect to see in 2018 for email marketing? Here are our predictions.

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