Top 10 Creating Effective Landing Page Guides

The below tutorials are all from the best landing page service currently available, and that is in my opinion…  Thrivethemes.  As you will see from below, these guys have fantastic tutorials available because after all it is their business and they also have access to lots of data and examples of what works and what doesn’t. Even if you have no intentions of using Thrivethemes (why I don’t know) you will still learn everything there is to know about creating and using landing pages.


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thrivethemes.comFor website reviews, landing page designs, themes and much more, the guys over at Thrivethemes have spent a lot of time studying websites – both good and bad. When it comes to creating pages that convert, they have seen what works and what doesn’t, over and over again. In this post, they take a look at the 3 major factors that influence how effective any web page is (whether that’s a homepage, a sales page or even a blog post).



3 Must-Have Landing Pages for More Leads & Sales

thrivethemes.comDiscover the 3 types of landing pages every online business should have on their website to get more leads, higher engagement and more sales.



How to Make Your Landing Page Sell Like Glengarry Glen Ross

thrivethemes.comEver wondered how to make a ridiculously successful sales landing page? Discover the seductive sales page elements you can steal from the pros!



Create Product Images for Opt-in Forms and Landing Pages

thrivethemes.comA compelling image can make a difference between a subscriber or somebody that ignores your opt-in form. Get step by step instructions.



WordPress Landing Pages for Local Businesses

thrivethemes.comDiscover the fastest way to create simple but effective landing pages for restaurants, realtors and other local businesses.



Are You Using the Right Words on Your Landing Pages?

thrivethemes.comThis real life review makes for a great example because the page we’re looking at does so many things right. On this landing page, design and layout are on point and this gives us an opportunity to hone in on some of the finer details of copywriting. Watch the video to see what we find and how you can improve the clarity and wording on your own landing pages.


Why Your Dominatrix Should Get A Landing Page (and 7 Other Examples)


thrivethemes.comDo you REALLY know how a landing page can help your business? With resources like Thrive University, it’s easy to find ways to become a better marketer using landing pages. What if you’re a guitar teacher or dance instructor? Why should you care about landing pages in the first place?



Beginner’s Guide to Landing Pages


thrivethemes.comMany people talk about it, but what are landing pages exactly? When should you use them? Where do you host them? Do you need them in your business and how can you create one? If you’re asking yourself these questions, this guide is for you.



The Perfect Landing Pages For Affiliate Reviews

Shane has put up a video that shows you 4 proven affiliate promotion strategies & see the template examples that go with them.​ TIP: Scroll down and get the free bonus guide.

Also shows they practice what they preach by actually demonstrating a good example of how to build your list.



Get Leads Before You Launch With These “Coming Soon” Landing Pages

Another excellent tutorial by Shane.  Start building your subscriber list before you even launch. In this video you will learn: The fastest way to access the 2 new page templates, The logic behind the layout of the “coming soon” pages. and Examples of what to use these pages for (and what NOT to use them for).


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