Top 10 Generating Traffic From Slideshare & Youtube Guides


Below is my current top 10 guides for getting traffic from Slideshare and Youtube. I have combined the two because you can re-purpose your slides for  Slideshare and create videos from them for Youtube…


SlideShare Traffic Case Study • From 0 to 243,000 Views in 30 Days

trafficgenerationcafe.comThis is an excellent guide about generating traffic via Slideshare.  Just look at some of these stats (at the time of writing) they quote: SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing slide presentations, as well as PDF documents, infographics, and videos. Founded in 2006 and acquired by LinkedIn in 2012, SlideShare is one of the top 100 most-visited websites in the world with over 18 million uploads in 40 content categories. Over 80% of SlideShare’s 70 million visitors come through organic search.


Here is a breakdown of what you will find in this guide:
1. Get the right [= any!] presentation software
2. Use your existing blog post
3. Condense your blog post into an outline
4. Optimize your presentation outline for keywords
5. Find the right images
6. Add a Call to Action
Put it all together
Presentation size
1. Get on SlideShare Homepage
2. Get Embedded on other blogs
3. Get ranked on Google
4. Make your blog content more viral


PDF Traffic Generation: How to Tap into the Untapped

trafficgenerationcafe.comThis guide is also from the same website as the one above. This is a little different because it is directly about Slideshare however it is a very enlightening post about rank PDFs in the search engines.  And of course you can upload your PDFs to Slideshare…



How to Get Your Slice From Slideshare’s 70 Million Monthly Visitors


neilpatel.comWell no surprise to see Neil all over this one as well. He has another epic guide covering everything there is to know in order to get you going with Slideshare marketing. One fact he mentions is that over 80% of Slideshare’s 70 million monthly visitors come from targeted search?  That makes for a very high converting audience for you to tap into…


A brief summary of what is covered in this guide includes:
Repurposing your blog content into slides the right way
Deriving the most juice from your presentation
Getting your slide featured on the front page


Optimize Slideshare Presentation for SEO Using These Simple Tips


wpeka.comThis guide shows you how to optimize your SlideShare presentation for SEO? With a high percentage of Slideshare traffic coming from organic searches it pays to get the small details right when submitting your slides…


Here is a breakdown of topics covered in this guide:
SlideShare SEO Tip #01 Optimize Document Title
SlideShare SEO Tip #02 Optimize Document Content
SlideShare SEO Tip #03 Keywords Optimization
SlideShare SEO Tip #04 Transcript Images, Graphs, and Other Content
SlideShare SEO Tip #05 Tag It
SlideShare SEO Tip #06 Links and Call to Action
SlideShare SEO Tip #07 Advertise, Go Social
SlideShare SEO Tip #08 Embed Document on Blog
SlideShare SEO Tip #09 Optimize Meta Description
SlideShare SEO Tip #10 Presentation Aesthetics


How To Turn SlideShare Into a Traffic Driving Machine

curatti.comSlideShare traffic is a brilliant source of leads! These guys give some great tips about how can this pretty ordinary service help with generating traffic?


Below is a list of subjects covered in this guide:
Why should you use SlideShare?
Attract readers using quality design
Base your presentation on a topic you know well
Create a promotion strategy before publishing your presentation
Increase traffic by using the right keywords and phrases
Your content must rock
Show your presentations everywhere
Offer people useful guides


How to Use SlideShare to Drive Traffic to Your Blog – with Ana Hoffman


becomeablogger.comAna has featured in some of my top 10 lists already and it’s no surprise she is across this topic as well. She has produced another epic post well worth reading. Ana Hoffman shares her strategies for using Slideshare to drive traffic. to your blog.



YouTube SEO: The Ultimate Guide

backlinko.comIf you are wondering how to rank your videos in YouTube and Google this post by Brian Dean will be exactly what you are looking for as he reveals his step-by-step YouTube SEO plan.  He explains how you need to optimize for what he calls video keywords…



Here is a brief overview of what he covers in this guide:

Step #1: Find “Video Keywords”
Step #2: Make Your (Awesome) Video
Step #3: Upload Your Video With YouTube SEO in Mind
Step #4: Get Video Views


50 Ways To Drive Huge Amounts of Traffic from YouTube


shoutmeloud.comYouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet and a gold mine for internet marketers. The guys over at ShoutmeLoud have created another epic guide showing you how to drive traffic to your website with YouTube.


 3 Simple Ways to Convert Your YouTube Videos Into Website Traffic


spiderworking.comThis guide shows you three ways you can add links to your YouTube video and drive traffic back to your site. If you are getting eyes onto your video you need to guide them to your site…
The 3 Ways Discussed About Linking To Your Website From YouTube Are:
1. The Description
2. Use cards
3. Add links to your channel header


YouTube Marketing: Use Simple Videos to Drive Traffic & Sales

completedigitalmarketingcourse.comLeverage this YouTube Marketing Strategy and training to quickly grow your business online. YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine (just behind Google). Cisco predicts that 80% of all Internet traffic will be video content by 2019. The good news is it’s easy to get started.


Here is a quick summary of the main points covered in this guide:
1. YouTube Account Set Up & Optimization
2. YouTube Keyword Research
3. YouTube Video Structure
4. YouTube SEO
5. Youtube Thumbnails
7. YouTube Promotion
8. YouTube Analytics


It might seem like a lot of extra work and while it’s not easy you can eliminate a lot of it by re-using your current content. Convert your blog posts into Slideshare and Youtube content using different keywords and headlines to bring visitors to your sites.


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