The Top 10 Guides To Creating An Email Autoresponder Course

Creating an email autoresponder course is just smart. Always try to maximize your work the best way you can and an ecourse is the ultimate example. You do the work once and than earn an income from that email series for years to come. When I first started online way back in 2001, I created a simple 10 day ecourse that consistently earned me over $600 a month from affiliate programs for a bout 5 years without touching it again (that is on top of the money generated by my own membership site) . This is just a small example of what can be done with your own ecourse in place…


How to create a free email course that keeps subscribers hooked, craving for more and makes you sales


meerakothand.comMeera Kothand has a fantastic blog well worth visiting and this great tutorial is an excellent guide for creating your own email course. I love her writing style and there is a lot of tips you can learn from just observing how she herself is capturing emails and directing you to here product on this page. And if you look at her screen shot which shows the subject lines of her ecourse and there open rates then you have a great clue about how to adapt those subject lines to your market.


Here is a brief over view of what Meera covers in this guide:
#1 Email courses act like funnels and bring you passive income
#2 Email courses sell your evergreen products on auto
#3 Email courses have consistently high engagement rates
#4 They are completely automated and it’s easy to set up

Should an email course be your first opt-in freebie?
But what if your email course isn’t getting you the results you want?
#1 Determine your end point
#2 Plan each mail
#3 This isn’t school. Go easy on the homework
#4 Don’t make them groan
#5 Determine how often you’re going to pop-in
#6 Have a hook for your email course


The Ultimate Guide To Creating An Email Autoresponder Course


coschedule.comCreating an email course is a great way to build your email list and create loyal readers to your blog, and it doesn’t even require all new content. Julie Neidlinger has written an excellent guide and covers quite a bit of detail and in so pretty much addresses the most commonly asked questions when creating a course. Such as how long should it be? How often should you send it out? And so on…

Taking her advice would be an excellent starting point. With all things marketing you need to test your own market to find out what is the best fit for you however, you have to start somewhere.


How To Build And Sell Your First E-Course


madevibrant.comabout this topic as well. Reading Caroline’s tutorial has certainly sparked a few ideas for me and I have re-read this post numerous times and no doubt will refer back to it again. Also her partner Jason has co-founded what looks like a great ecourse solution which I’ll be revisiting at a later date as well. This tutorial is a very pleasant read as well as educational and I highly recommend that you take the time to read it…



How to Create an Email Course that Rocks


kickofflabs.comJacqueline has written an ecourse guide over at Kickoff Labs with the following tip well worth remembering… When you focus on helping your audience, the money will come. But when you focus on the money, the audience will leave.




How to Create an Email Course That Converts Like Crazy



teachable.comIn this guide Ashley Hockney goes into quite  a bit of detail explaining how to quickly create an email course that generates a whirlwind of new subscribers who are ready to buy your online course or product.


Topics discussed include:
Why Create an Email Course?
What to Teach
Structuring An Email Course
Creating Content for Your Email Course
Automate It
Making the Sale


9 Steps to Creating a Successful e-Course



problogger.comDarren Rowse at problogger writes: It seems so effortless from the outside: Record some audio, shoot a little video, schedule a few emails, throw in a live call. Shaazam! You’ve got an e-Course. But when you dive in to actually create your own course, you may get: frustrated. He uncovers 9 steps to creating your own successful ecourse…


Here is a brief overview of the steps covered in this guide:
1. Dump Your Brain
2. Find the Core
3. Befriend the Critic
4. Steal like A Teacher
5. Name the Steps
6. Tangible Takeaways
7. Beta
8. Build in Regular Feedback
9. Keep the Momentum Going


How to Create a Free Email Course that Sells


.autogrow.coDo you want to create a free email autoresponder course that sells and qualifies customers while you sleep? Matt Ackerson in this post shows you how with data & first-hand experience.


Is a brief outline of some of the things Matt covered in this guide:
“What is an autoresponder and why do I need one?”
“What do I write about in my autoresponder email course?”
“How long should the email course be?”
“How does it drive sales?” (Making the Offer)
Get creative with the content (Don’t be boring!)
How to attract people to sign-up for it


How to Create an Effective Autoresponder Sequence


tutsplus.comAn autoresponder sequence is ideal for improving your email open and click through rates. That’s because an autoresponder sequence: Builds a relationship with your subscribers. Gets your subscribers to habitually open your emails.


Here is an outline of what is covered in this post:
What is an Autoresponder Sequence?
Why Subscribers Open Your Emails: Relationship
Why Subscribers Open Your Emails: Habit
Step 1: Know Why You’re Creating the Series
Step 2: Decide The Type of Content You Will Share
Step 3: Develop Your Content
Step 4: Arrange Your Content
Step 5: Monitor and Tweak


The Advanced Autopilot Sales Technique


tribeboost.comThis is another twist on using ecourse or autoresponder follow ups. The beauty of this autopilot technique: you can continue to build out new and interesting autoresponder sequences, meaning you can have a whole army of email robots working and selling for you 24 hours a day.


Topic covered include:


Step 1: Identify the Premium Product You Want to Sell
Step 2: Wireframe Your Autoresponder
How to Structure Your Autoresponder
Step 3: Write Awesome Emails
Step 4: Implement and Initiate
Step 5: Drive Traffic to Your Autoresponder


How Do Autoresponders Work: Templates, Examples, and Sequences


kopywritingkourse.comHere’s the step-by-step how Neville Medhora used autoresponder sequence that brings in $397 per week without really doing anything (because it’s an automatic sequence).



Here is a brief overview of what he covers:
1. What is an autoresponder?
2. Anatomy of my most lucrative Autoresponder
3: How to make money from an autoresponder
4. Five different examples for using an autoresponder


There you have it… When it comes to email marketing an autoresponder ecourse is one of the best things you can create. It gives you the chance to build a relationship with the people on your list. To educate them and help them and of course make sales.

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