Top 10 Successful Email Marketing Case Study Guides


In the guides below you will find a number of case studies about email marketing. It took quite a deal of searching as there isn’t too many sharing their details these days so a big thanks to the people below. The number one take away for myself from all of the below email marketing case studies is the overwhelming importance of you welcome email. Get the foundation right and you at least have something perfect to build on…


9 Great Email Marketing Case Studies

getvero.comThese guys have compiled nine email marketing case studies. They said, that it’s really hard to find email marketing case studies and I can attest to that. There s not too much available so this 9 examples has been a great help…


Email marketing studies they cover are:
What Startups Can Learn from Watsi’s Wildly Successful Email Campaign
Building a Newsletter Welcome Series from Scratch
How The Skimm’s passionate readership helped its newsletter grow to 1.5 million subscribers
How to Gather 100,000 Emails in One Week
The Art and Science of Turning Free Trials Into Happy Customers
The Science Behind Those Obama Campaign E-Mails
What We Learned From A Week Of Prototyping A Newsletter In Public
Learning vs. Selling
The Most Successful E-mail I Ever Wrote


How we launched an online course and made $220,750 in 10 days | VideofruitHow we launched an online course and made $220,750 in 10 days


videofruit.comI love case studies like this one by Bryan Harris who walks you through the exact process he used to figure out what course to create, then he explains he made it and the exact launch sequence he used to generate $220,750 in revenue in a 10-day period.
Here is a break down of the topics covered in this case study…
Phase 1: Come up with the perfect topic for your course.
Phase 2: Get people to pay you money before creating the course.
Phase 3: Build the online course (as fast as possible).
Phase 4: Launch your online course using the PAS Formula.


3 Dreamy Welcome Emails You Can Easily Re-Create


movableink.comThis guide explains the importance of first impressions and of course with emails your first, therefore your welcome email is the most important communication you will send to your subscriber. It is what will give the first impression to them about you and the welcome email receives the highest open rate out of all the other emails you will send.

So what does it take to create an engaging welcome email? Let’s take a look at these 3 dreamy welcome emails and how you can replicate their best elements in your own message.


Drip Email Marketing: The Essential and Complete Guide for Growth


meetraphael.comWhat’s a drip email marketing campaign? How can you use drip marketing to automatically scale your company? This step-by-step guide for growth will teach you how and provides 4 case studies to see the results when properly utilized…



[Case Study] $105,253.00 in cash from “dead” leads in 72 hours


This case study shows you how these guys made a lot of money by selling a package of their products to people on their list that had never purchased anything from them before. So, pretty much a non-buyers list of people. They show you the 4 step email campaign formula they used as well…



How a Simple Welcome Email Made us Extra $1,240.25 in Profit – Big Pixels


bigpixels.comOnce again we see the importance of your welcome email and this case study shows you how to make more sales, by developing a relationship of loyalty and trust with each one of your newly acquired customers and it all starts with what you write in your first email…



Here is a breakdown of some of the topics covered:
Learning What Customers Want and Need Vs. Selling
What Should You Say in This Welcome Email?
How This Simple Email Helped Us Make Extra $1,240.25 in Two Weeks
We Took Action!
Now Keep This in Mind
The Tools We Use to Automate This Process


7 Ecommerce Email Campaigns You Should Steal Today help you come up with some ideas, these guys have assembled seven high-impact ecommerce email examples that have landed in their inboxes recently, that you can take inspiration from and put to use in your business today….


Case studies include:
Shopify Blogs
Petflow’s Social Proof Email
Harry’s Order Arrival / Product Education Email
STORQ’s Content Curation Email
Huckberry’s Scarcity Email
Banana Republic’s Exclusivity Email
Petflow’s Surprise Store Credit Email
Whipping Post’s “Just Checking in…” Email


10 Design Principles That Will Increase Your Email Newsletter Conversions


crazyegg.comThis is a great guide that shows you some examples of effective welcome email designs. There is a lot of food for thought in this post and making it clear and precise as possible to your subscribers about what they are getting and what they should expect should be the first thing you do after they subscribe…



Here is what you will learn in this guide:
1. Clear Visual Hierarchy
2. Clean Layout
3. Directional Cues
4. Appropriate Colors
5. High-Quality, Positive, And Relevant Accompanying Visuals
6. Only One (Highly Visible) Call-To-Action
7. Negative Space
8. Make Clickable Elements Recognizable
9. Don’t Stray Too Far From The Usual
10. Responsive Design


Case Study: World Market’s Insanely Addictive Email Program


intelligentdemand.comLucia Novara has provided some case studies in this guide and has taken a look at what made these promotional emails so satisfying. Why is this nurture program so engaging, and what lessons can B2B marketers take from them and how you can apply their tactics to your B2B use case.


Items covered in this guide include:
Make Your Creative Live and Breathe
Cross-Promote with Successful Bloggers
Optimize Based on Analytics Insights
Average sends went from 23 to 29 a month.
Email sends on Fridays went from 4% to 7% of total.
The number of mobile-optimized emails increased.
They stopped using emojis in subject lines.



SmartMail – 4 eCommerce Email Marketing Case Studies


.smartmail.ioThese guys run their own fully managed “done for you” service helping eCommerce companies send high converting lifecycle and behavioral emails. So… Obviously they have some case studies to show off how good they are… Check out the case studies they provide to see how they generated over $27 million in sales for online retailers… You can download the PDF of each case study.


Email marketing contrary to what many have mistakenly saying over the past number of years is not dead. While ever email remains one of the chief forms of correspondence it will remain the most valuable asset you will have in your business.


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