Top Trending Products To Sell Online or Promote As An Affiliate

In this post I have complied a list of my top 10 guides that will show you hot trending products you can sell online right now or promote established products as an affiliate. Hitching a ride on the back of a popular trend can be one of the best ways to profit online.

Here are some ideas to think about as you discover these products:

You could simple create a few niche sites around these products and promote as an affiliate or create your own products based on what is trending. By going down this path you at least know that there is already a group of hungry buyers prepared to purchase.

One of the biggest yet of quite often under utilized product profit makers is to create products closely associated to the trending best seller. For example with a popular camera there are product creators making money selling guides, DVD’s, courses on how to use that camera. The best light positions and so on.

So you could create a product that shows people how to get the most out of, the easiest way to use, show some of the short-cuts, or even teach how to make money with the trending product they have purchased.

Of course you could also create a better accessory for a product. A better Ipad stand, a better cover, personalized covers, protectors and so on… Think of an extendable selfie stick for example – someone initially thought of it and made it!

product accessories


Okay… With those ideas now in the back of your mind let’s progress to my top 10 guides!


Discover 101 Red Hot Products You Can Make Money From Amazon With – NicheHacks

I love this site and once again they have a fantastic guide about red hot products at Amazon. These products are found in 10 different niches and as always it’s best to sell to people who are already buying.


These aren’t the most expensive items on Amazon but they do have high price tags and sell well so commissions and conversions will be good. Read more…


Trending Products To Sell Online: The Definitive Resource

This guide shows you not only how to come up with great product ideas but also how to find top selling products and trending products to sell online. There is nothing better than learning how to do it yourself so you can repeat the process for any niche…

Here is just a small taste:


What better place to look for trending products to sell online than on blogs and magazines dedicated to showcasing some of the coolest new products entering the market. Product review blogs and online magazines are a rich source for what’s trending now and can help spark spin off ideas. Read the entire post…


Top 30 trending products to sell

This post is a bit older going back to 2016 however most of the items are still hot sellers and with a massive 30 items there is a stack of niche and product ideas in this lot.

Here is a small sample of 5 from the 30 on the list:

1. beard products
2. wooden sunglasses
3. eyebrow products
4. balayage products
5. gold sandals

Beard products are trending

10 Trending Product Ideas and Niches in 2017

Whether you want to open a brand new online store, or to refresh your storefront with something new and attention-grabbing, check out this list of ten product hits that your customers will love.

I like the first one on the list as it is a prime example of what we were discussing earlier. How long have doorbells been around? Just think of all the products that have been created around the simple doorbell. Musical ringtones is just one example.

Well this product is video doorbells. Same concept that has been around for ages but with a modern twist. That’s all you need for a new product – just think a little bit outside of the box…

Video doorbells let you answer the door from anywhere using your smartphone.This type of doorbell uses an app to connect to your smartphone and has an HD camera with night vision attached to your front door so that you always know what’s happening there.


10 Trendy Product Ideas to Sell Online Right Now

This post dives deep into the data to discover the hottest product trends for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Get in on the action with one of these 10 incredibly popular product ideas.

Here is a taste of the type of products revealed…

Liquid phone cases have been on the rise over the past two years, but saw a huge jump in popularity last Black Friday. The same jump is likely to repeat this year.


Top 25 Most Trending Products to Sell Online in 2017

Every year, there are some products that are highly popular online. They are described as trending products. They are cool, hype and a must have for enthusiasts of online shopping. Here are the 25 most trending products you can sell for profit online in 2017.

Here is an example of trending products you will read about:

This is an interesting product that is currently trending. The charcoal face mask is one of the most popular beauty items. It is made of activated charcoal. This ingredient has positive effects on the skin and improves it. These masks are Instagram friendly. Moreover, they have a pitch black appearance that wearers love to show. You can definitely make a profit by selling them online in 2017.

Charcoal face masks are also trending

10 Trending Product Ideas

In this guide, the guys over at Shopify show you how easy it can be to come up with initial product ideas as well as how to do a very quick cursory search to determine if the products are worth looking into further.

Here is a sample of the great product ideas that are currently trending:

Pocket squares also make for an interested product because they are relatively simple to produce. Additionally, pocket squares, if positioned correctly can fetch some strong margins. With just a quick search, we can also see that many brands charge upwards of $60 per unit.


Trending Products for 2017

To help you plan for the changes ahead and stay up to date on the latest movements, Independent Retailer has gathered their favorite new, trending, and top selling products that can be easily added to almost any store’s inventory to launch you into a successful and profitable 2017.

Here is a small teaser:

So, how can the classic leather wallet ever be improved? By adding a built-in phone charger. The leather Nomad charging wallet comes in a slim and bifold design and is made of 100% American leather.  The incredibly compact 2400mAh battery is built into the spine of the wallet, meaning is it no larger than a standard wallet, and provides a full charge for iPhones.


7 Ways to Make Money with This 2017 Trending Product

This a video that goes for about 7 minutes where you will learn 7 ways to make money with this trending product. Watch the video to discover what it is—and how to use it to boost your revenue in 2017.

Top 12 Online Niche Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2018

This guide focuses on what they call “buzzing” online products and trending online niche markets, that will be huge in the upcoming year of 2017 and 2018.

Here is a teaser… Bet you haven’t heard of this one!

What is hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”)? The Danish word “hygge”, is usually translated into English as “cosiness”. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Hygge refers to “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” This is one of the hottest trends of 2017 that we have witnessed so far. If you are a blogger or own a home décor ecommerce store, you should definitely consider to explore this trending niche.


Well there is a stack of ideas for you. Of course if you are looking for digital products to sell than checkout my Master Resell Rights Page.


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